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I believe birth to be a normal, natural event that can be safely supported by a trained professional to evaluate for risk. My passion for birth encompasses; birth photography, labor support, plus family empowerment. I engage these passions by grabbing your camera and shooting powerful moments during your labor and birth. Many of the families I serve also feel empowered to "catch" their own baby and i throughly enjoy capturing that on camera as safety allows.


After arrival at your birth I initially set up my emergency equipment which includes an ambu bag for the baby, emergency meds, herbal tinctures, sterile gloves, a waterproof doppler, an amnihook, and warm blankets for the baby. Immediately i begin documenting progress and completing my routine checks. I do my best to keep a calm birth space for you and offer position changes as needed to keep you comfortable and the birth progressing.


This brings my to my next passion, movement therapy. So much of a comfortable birth includes optimal fetal positioning. If the body is not balanced then the baby will have more difficult maneuvers to make in finding the exit. Your prenatal care time with me will included lots of prep for this.


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