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An Experience You Deserve

As a midwife practicing under the name Forest River Midwifery, I am dedicated to providing truly comprehensive services that ensure safe, comfortable and reassuring home births. Contrary to popular belief, hospital births are not always the safest or most comfortable option for expectant mothers.

Many medical interventions or restrictions can hinder the natural birthing process and increase the risk of complications. With the right preparation, a home birth can provide a calming and nurturing environment for mother and child. I am passionate about giving women the opportunity to take control of their birthing experience, and will work with you to create a personalized birth plan that meets your individual needs and wishes.

What I want more than anything, is for each birth to be a wonderful and unforgettable experience, whether you are interested in water births, VBAC or home birth services. I will provide you with the best care and support before, during and after your baby is born. My mission is to ensure a joyful experience in which you can take pride in your accomplishment.

At Forest River Midwifery, you can trust that you and your baby will receive the highest level of care and support throughout every stage of the birthing journey.

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